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Earn Rewards, Discounts, and Exclusive Gifts just by tagging @shopby6am on Social!

How It Works

Sign Up

Sign up with your email and Instagram handle on this page

Post On Social

Share content about Shop by 6AM on Instagram and TikTok. Don’t forget to tag @shopby6am for credit

Get Rewarded

Complete the tiers and participate in challenges to receive a reward

Post Rules

  • Posts must be made from public accounts.
  • Posts must be made from accounts with previous posts.
  • Posts must feature apparel or merchandise from Shop by 6AM.
  • Posts must be respectful, appropriate, and not contain any offensive or inappropriate content.

Terms and Conditions

  • To be eligible for rewards, you must sign up on this page and follow the post rules above.
  • SIX AM may use rewards member content for marketing purposes.
  • SIX AM may update the rewards program at any time.

What We Like to See

High Resolution:

Ensure you are posting high resolution photos/videos for both in-feed and story Instagram posts. Good lighting is key!

Be Authentic:

We love seeing photos of you enjoying your SIX AM merchandise at home, when traveling, with friends, with family and more.

Highlight Product/Brand:

Show off your SIX AM merchandise by making sure they are clearly visible. Don't forget to tag @shopby6am for your post to be seen.


You’ve been invited to join the SIX AM’s Rave network because we recognize that you embody the essence of the global House + Techno movement and share SIX AM's values. We believe that you have a unique perspective and talent that can contribute to our community, and we are excited to have you as part of this team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rewarded?

Ensure you’ve tagged @shopby6am and are following the post guidelines. You will be sent an email to the email you registered with within 24 hours of your post being approved.

When should I expect rewards?

Rewards are sent within 24 hours of your post being approved.

What is my reward eligible towards?

You will receive a unique, one-time use code that cannot be combined with other offers. If there are limitations, those will be denoted on this page and/or in the reward email you receive.

Can I get rewarded on any other social platforms?

While we encourage you to share on other platforms, we are only offering rewards for Instagram and TikTok at the moment.

Are Instagram Stories included? What about Reels?

Yes, stories and reels are eligible for rewards at this time.

How do I ensure my post is valid?

Ensure you are posting from a public account, tagging the correct brand, following the post guidelines listed, and upholding the Terms & Conditions.

Who do I contact if I haven’t received my reward or have questions about the program?

Please email with any questions!